We are legally liable for damages to buildings or properties demonstrably caused by our gas production or storage activities. Since TAQA’s two gas storage facilities have been in operation, no tremors have been recorded that could have caused damage to buildings. However, we think it is important to have things well organised, just in case.

Below you can read more about our damage protocol and report any damages you suspect are caused by our operations.

Damages caused by TAQA's activities

No damages have been caused to buildings since the Gas Storage Bergermeer has been in operation (2015). This is because there have been no quakes in the Bergermeer field that could have caused damage. In the unlikely event that a quake does occur due to our operations, TAQA is legally liable for proven damage.

It is important to have good and clear agreements on how to deal with any damages that occur. This is why TAQA has signed covenants with the municipalities of Alkmaar, Bergen, and Heiloo. These agreements aim to ensure that interested parties are helped quickly and properly in the event of any damages or nuisance.

The core of these agreements is formed by a so-called representative benchmark measurement in the area. This involves mapping the state of buildings in Alkmaar, Bergen and Heiloo to better determine whether damage is a result of soil movement caused by the gas storage. If damage is reported, an assessment is carried out by independent construction experts selected by the municipalities of Alkmaar, Heiloo and Bergen. TAQA always follows the advice of these experts and will pay out if the experts advise us to do so.

Here you can read how the claim settlement works.

You can report damage using this claim form within three months of the discovery of the damage.

Do you not live in Alkmaar, Bergen or Heiloo? Then you can report your damage to the National Commission for Mining Damage.

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