Storing gas involves various legal requirements and regulations. This legal framework, together with our focus on safety for people and the environment, ensures a responsible business process within TAQA.

For existing and for new activities, TAQA needs various permits or other types of permission from the national, regional and local authorities. Examples include building permits, environmental permits, adjustments within a municipal zoning plan or a gas storage permit. These types of applications go through careful governmental decision-making processes in which several parties play a role. It is important for members of the public to know when these types of applications are in play and when they can have their say on them.

For all these projects, TAQA is bound by the Code of Conduct on Small Field Gas Production. This is an initiative of the industry association Element NL, of which TAQA is a member. The code was first created in 2017 in consultation with stakeholders and interested parties from, among others, central government, municipalities, provinces, civil society organisations, water companies, water boards and community organisations. The code of conduct sets out general guidelines for the careful involvement of the surrounding area in onshore oil and gas projects. It sets out what stakeholders can expect from us.

TAQA acts in line with the Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about the code or TAQA’s actions in relation to the surrounding area, please email

TAQA in the community

TAQA believes it is important to be a good neighbour for the community in the Alkmaar region. This is why we have been investing in the Alkmaar region for many years.


Green gas and hydrogen play an important role in the energy transition. The technology to make sustainable energy based on gasification of biological and organic waste streams (such as roadside grasses, sewage sludge or seaweed) is still in its early days. InVesta in Alkmaar, of which TAQA is a founding father, is helping to scale up and market these new ways of making green gas and hydrogen.

Dutch gas

There needs to be a change in the way we meet our energy needs. We are moving towards renewable forms of energy. Not just in the Netherlands but worldwide. The idea that we will 'get rid of the gas' is true, but it will not happen overnight: natural gas will continue to play a role in our energy system for quite some time. To guarantee security of supply, and as a precursor to green gas or hydrogen. It is then more sustainable and cheaper to use Dutch gas than import gas. How about that?

Nature compensation

As part of a nature compensation agreement for the construction of Gas Storage Bergermeer, TAQA purchased 24 ha of land in Bergen in 2019 that is now being developed into 'herb- and fauna-rich grassland'. TAQA is working with three local farmers to manage the land according to agricultural nature management guidelines.

CO₂ storage under the North Sea

TAQA is involved in the development, construction and operation of the Porthos project: a project to store CO₂ in empty gas fields under the North Sea.

Top photo: Paul Apeldoorn

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